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Cookery Club

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Whilst we haven't been able to open the Parlour until now, we have still been very busy. As well as preparing to re-open we have been running weekly cooking clubs.


Chef Gareth has been instructing keen cooks via the internet over the past weeks of lockdown.

With a different recipe set every week from Parlour Treats to scrum delights. The zoom sessions have been very popular with those involved. Each week we make something new, from gluten free chocolate cake to scotch eggs to blueberry muffins. We have also had a weekly star baker as well as a quiz penned by Rachel. Its been a great opportunity for people to get together and share the same passion. A WhatsApp group has also been set up allowing the parlour crew to stay in touch with each other over the weeks of lockdown.

What People Have Said...

Denise said,

Lucyenjoyed the cookery class and what fun it was! We are very pleased with our chocolate cake, w

e can assure you it is delicious. Both Lucy and I feel that the Parlour Cookery Class is the hi-light of our week. Its been very professional and we have very much enjoyed the variety of dishes we have created. Its been great to see everybody each week and to top it all its been such great fun, thank you so much.

Rachel said,

The Parlour has become part of our weekly routine. R looks forward to seeing her work colleagues / Parlour crew plus enjoys eating the end results. It has brought some normality to R's life during these uncertain times and watching them all having fun whilst learning a very important life skill. A massive THANK YOU to Gareth, Rachel and Elly for setting up these weekly accessible sessions which has brought so much joy to our young people.

James and his mum said,

James... I have really liked seeing some of my friends from Onward Enterprises @ The Parlour on Zoom. Ourcooking lessons have been fun and I have really enjoyed them so far. I have made lots of lovely things but the best was a birthday cake for my nan.

Sandra (James's mum)... Thank you so much for Zooming the cookery lessons each week. James has enjoyed them immensely as we have. Definitely the highlight of our lockdown week. Lovely food and great times.

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